Wednesday, July 05, 2006

First signs of trouble

Late in 2005 I noticed a lump in the palm of my right hand. It was between the two top creases in the palm under the middle finger, and it seemed that the top layer of skin had fused to the layer underneath it, it couldn't be pinched away from it any more.

And it itched and itched! The itching drove me to distraction, I'd often find myself scratching it against a belt buckle, the edge of a table, anything to stop it itching. Eventually the scratching seemed to be underneath the lump, which drove me crazy as I couldn't scratch there!

I went to the doctor early in 2006 and they said that they suspected that it was Dupuytren's Contracture, and they referred me to a hand specialist.

I did some research, and it seems to be often an anglo-saxon inherited condition, and my family origins are very viking (in fact, with some internet research, I managed to link my family tree all the way back to Thor, can't get any more Viking than that!!) But as far as I can tell, nobody else in my family actually suffers with the condition.

In June 2006 the condition seemed to get worse at quite an alarming rate, so I decided to blog the whole thing.

I'm off to a hand specialist tomorrow, care of the NHS, so I'll post how it went, and also a picture of my hand that I've scanned. I've been a right hypochondriac, and marked all the lumps and bumps and when I've noticed them.


At 5:50 AM, Blogger Tee Foley said...

Hi Web Rabbit
This is most interesting and rarely discussed. It would be interested to get some feed back from other sufferers as I am sure there must be many.
Keep us posted and let's hope that this hot weather isn't causing your palm and hand too much discomfort.
I promise I won't shake your hand.
Really good blog, interesting too, to see the actual marks portrayed on your hand.
I do hope this useful knowledge of progress in your research and exploration will go on to inform and help many others. Particularly, the tracing back to Viking making. We are what we were & I do believe that we should always explore (if we are able) our past roots.
tf x


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