Sunday, July 23, 2006

Foot Involvement?

I have had these three lumps on the bottom of my right foot for a few years now. They are in the arch, two on the bottom and one which is more on the instep. They are soft, and the ones on the bottom disappear when pressed for a while.

Also, it hurts when I walk, under my second toe, as though there's a lump under there too. I've never been able to find one though, so never bothered mentioning any of this to a doctor, after all, I'm ahem 40, aren't feet supposed to be a bit lumpy and sometimes sore by this age? I just ignored it until now, but with this Dupuytren's I had a better look and I found the lump under my toe - d'oh, I had been looking at it the whole time! I had failed to compare it with the opposite foot, you see, and the reason I couldn't feel a lump under the hard, raised, thick skin was yes, the
hard, raised, thick skin was the lump! Sore if pressed near the toe.

If it wasn't for my hand probs, I would probably never have even noticed it, but I'll mention it to the doc next visit just to see. If I have this 'diathesis' (means nothing more scary than 'predisposition' btw) then I'm just glad I'm not a guy!


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