Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hospital Visit

Back from the hospital after my consultation with an ortho. He was very nice, and he had a medical student who took a history and asked lots of questions about how long I'd had what symptoms and what type of pain I had, and what type of movements caused them, that sort of thing. I also have a ganglion on the back of my hand and an aching wrist too, so I had quite a bit to moan about!

I was sent for an x-ray of my wrist, which showed a teeny bit of wear and tear at the top of the radius bone, and I'm to wear a splint in the day for a month to see if this eases things. (One of those horrid brown velcro splints, yuk. At least it stops people trying to shake my hand, honestly that's the thing that hurts the most of all!)

Not much mentioned at this point about the Dupuytren's contracture, though the medical student took a detailed history of it, as well as an interest, which I found reassuring.

So that's all for a month, I'll keep a log of any changes, and post again after the next appointment.


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