Sunday, July 23, 2006

Odd symptoms

I've never been able to hold anything for long in my right hand without the palm getting sore. Culprits were like holding brooms handles and wringing clothes, and I couldn't ever rake more than a couple of feet of lawn without my palms feeling like they were on fire, so I'd wear gloves and learnt to delegate :)

Maybe it's a residual soreness from our ancestors wielding their warhammers?!

Also I burst a bloodvessel in the palm once from clapping.

I can't find a direct family connection yet cos of a lack of family I'm currently in touch with, but both sides have heavy celtic and viking blood in them so I'll keep looking.

I've got more lumps and pits now, and the whole hand seems involved, including the thumb. The new nodules can be very painful for a few days.

Also my mcp knuckles are sore and a bit swollen, not on the palm side, though I'm not even sure if this is connected, or if I just knocked them on the wall while I was asleep, I've got to that stage of noticing every single little thing, I must find something else to do!


At 11:27 AM, Blogger ABCoring said...

I know it has been six years, but was wondering how your condition is doing? I am having similar symptoms- beginning stages I think. If interested in responding my email is


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